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Maize, ferment, distil with Pillow Plates

For many spirits, production is a delicate process, using age-old traditions and techniques. This makes the end product expensive and the production process costly. An error due to incorrect heating or cooling can be fatal and involve a lot of costs. Therefore, a quality supplier of Dimple Plates is of great importance. Our Omega Pillow Plates are used in many aspects of the production process.

Mash tun

After the carefully selected grains have been soaked and germinated, the malt is ground. By adding water, a batter is made (mash or wort).
In the mash tun, the batter is heated several times and cooled down to different temperature levels. For this process our Omega Pillow Plates are used in many production processes. Due to the low volume in our plates, the temperatures are good and easy to regulate.


Fermenting with Pillow Plates (Washbacks)

The batter is ready to ferment in the Washback. Yeast is added and converts the sugars present into alcohol. A lot of heat is released through the fermentation process. To keep this at an even temperature, you can use Omega Pillow Plates. It is easy to regulate the temperature to a constant level.


Distilling (Wash Still)

Now the distillation process can begin. The wash goes into the distilling kettle and is carefully cooked. The alcohol vapour passes through the gooseneck to the condenser and unwanted substances are left behind in the rinse. This cooking process can be regulated with Omega Pillow Plates.
Our immersion chillers, consisting of Pillow Plates registers, are ideal for this. They can be placed in the product itself and can also be easily cleaned. Immersion Chillers are also used in Hot Liquor Tanks.

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For bottling, spirits are often cooled so that fatty acids, proteins and esters precipitate and then are filtered out. This leaves a clear liquid.
With Omega Pillow Plates you can cool your product within the specified time and temperature. In almost all processes where the spirits must be heated or cooled, the tanks can be covered with our Pillow Plates.

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