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Immersion Chillers

With an Immersion Chiller it is easy to cool or heat a liquid. The bulletproof design ensures that the cooler is easy to clean and maintain. The Immersion Chiller was initially used to cool or heat highly contaminated liquids. Several industries use this effective way of cooling or heating.

How does an Immersion Chiller work?
The Immersion Chiller is a package of several Pillow Plates that is immersed in a container with liquid. The medium in the plates heats or cools the liquid in the container, depending on your needs. This can be done in both a continuous or a batch process.

Air agitation
In order to obtain a turbulent flow on the wall of the plate, air agitation is used in most cases. This ensures a higher heat transfer.
An air pump blows air through a perforated pipe system, creating a whirlpool effect.


  • Cooling and heating all kinds of liquids, even with high viscosity
  • Easy to maintain due to sufficient space between the plates
  • Compact design that can be used for many applications
  • Can also be used with highly variable volume flows





You determine the dimensions and the capacity of the Immersion Chiller together with one of our engineers. This depends on the medium you want to cool or heat, whether it is a batch or a continuous process, the available space and the desired capacity.

We can carry out our Immersion Chillers, depending on the available dimensions, up to capacities of 3.00 kW per unit.
This allows you to cool your liquid to 0.1 °C without the risk of damage by freezing ice.

Cooling medium
Almost all cooling media can be used with this Immersion Chiller, such as R717, CO2, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, R22, R134A and R404A. 
If you want to use other coolants, please email one of our engineers.

The Immersion Chillers is made of stainless steel, such as 304, 316, SMO-254 and Duplex 2205. If you want a cooler made of a different material, please email our engineers.

Our Immersion Chillers are often used to cool highly contaminated liquids. The Immersion Chiller is now also used for other applications. If you are interested and want to know whether an Immersion Chiller can also be used for your industry, please email one of our engineers.

You can also choose a combination of Ice Bank and Immersion Chiller. During operation hours, the cooler functions as an Immersion Chiller, while at night, when there is no consumption, the cooler builds up ice.