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Omega's Clamp-on Pillow Plates

novembre 10, 2020

One of the specialized applications of the Omega heat exchanger plates is the Omega's Clamp-on Pillow Plates. The Clamp-on plates are used by mounting onto existing applications to provide heating or cooling of the product inside the existing vessel. Rather than chilling the entire tank room or investing in newly fabricated tanks with built-in heat exchangers, a more cost effective solution can be obtained by installing our Clamp-on Pillow Plates.

Omega Thermo Products designs and manufactures the Clamp-on plates completely according to your project requirements, such as the cooling / heating capacity of the tank that heats the product to the desired temperature. We deliver our Clamp-on Pillow Plates in a double or single embossed construction. Our Engineers are happy to calculate which construction is the most effective for your situation. All our Tank Clamp-on jackets are custom-made. This allows us, among other things, to take into account different recesses and connections in the design. We use stainless steel as standard material for example 304, 316, SMO-254, Duplex and Super Duplex 2205. Other options are also possible in consultation with our Engineer.

The Clamp-on plate is first welded like a regular Pillow Plate, then we can roll it up or cut it according to your requirements. In the end, we will inflate the Clamp-on plates in the shape you want. When the Omega Clamp-on Pillow Plates are ready, we install and weld the connection for you. Our Engineers are happy to advise you on this. Connections to be welded to the joints must be made and checked according to valid and authorized welding procedures. We are amply certified in this respect, with the ASME, CE-PED, EN-13445 and AD 2000 certificates.

The Clamp-on jackets are mounted on the outside of the existing applications to provide heating or cooling of the product inside the existing vessel. Clamp-on plates can be supplied flat or rolled up, according to your wishes. Depending on the cooling or heating needs and the desired capacity, we can supply Clamp-on plates with a high compressive strength (up to 700bar) and various plate thicknesses from 0.8mm to 2.5mm thick. By using conducting paste during the installation the heat transfer is optimal. Various variants can be used as cooling medium for the Clamp-on Plates, such as steam, thermal oil, R717, CO2, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, R22, R134A and R404A. If you want to use other cooling or heating media, please email our engineers.

Clamp-ons are already used in many industries such as on milk tanks, wine tanks, beer tanks, reactor vessels and food industry tanks, but also for heating and cooling tanks in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. An increase in demand in the pharmaceutical industry can be traced back to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Many pharmaceutical companies want to scale up quickly, the Clamp-on plates fits in perfectly with this. We receive also a lot of requests from the chemical industry for heating or keeping (liquid) sulfur at a temperature, styrene-butadiene tanks, polyethylene tanks, butyl acrylate and acetic acid.

  • Clamp-on plates can be used for constant heating or cooling of your product
  • A cost effective solution compared to building a new tank
  • The cooling or heating panel is physically separated from the tank containing the product
  • Heat transfer paste for optimal heat transfer
  • Design flexibility for correct placement
  • The Omega Clamp-on plates can be easily placed, exchanged or replaced without disrupting your process

All our Clamp-on plates are custom made. Together with an Engineer, we look at your cooling or heating requirements and which design suits you best.