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Omega Thermo Products is all about Pillow Plates; we manufacture tank shells, tank heads in various geometries, cooling plates and complete heat exchangers based on Pillow Plates technology.
Because of our endless design options, we will always help you find a solution to cool or heat your product.
We produce Pillow Plates and Heat Exchangers at one of our three global manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, USA or India.

As the pioneers in laser welded Pillow Plates, we have started from scratch, invented and developed the equipment to produce the Pillow Plates. Today, our Omega Pillow Plates are used worldwide in thousands of different applications. Nevertheless, pioneering is still a big part of our corporate culture. Our employees are driven, innovative, technical engineers who are always open to new ideas and concepts. We are eager to help you with your heat transfer needs so we can help you design a heat exchanger for your specific applications.

Continuing to develop
In addition, our Research & Development department is working daily to further develop our products and laser welding equipment for even better production of Omega Pillow Plates. In the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, requirements are becoming increasingly stringent and the demands on our plates are also become stricter. We are able to keep up with these requirements by investing time and money into our Research and Development programs to further improve our equipment and products.

Customer service is very important to us. We are eager to assist you with finding the most ideal design solutions regarding performance, lead time and price. Do not hesitate to contact Omega with your process requirements so we can help you find your Pillow Plate heat transfer solution.



Due to our own development of the laser welding machine for Pillow Plates, we have brought about a huge change in the field of production technology and heat transfer.
In the past we primarily manufactured Pillow Plate heat exchangers for the dairy and food industry because of our efficient and cost-saving solutions. Nowadays we collaborate in all kinds of industries, such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industry where we offer innovative solutions.
Omega regularly develops products that heat or cool in the production process. We do this in cooperation with the largest process technology companies.
We are proud to be the inventors of laser welding machines with the largest production capacity worldwide and produce the best quality Pillow Plates. We have had this status for more than 30 years and we surely want to maintain this position in the future. Therefore our R & D department makes a constant effort to improve the quality of our products and developing our laser welding machines.
Would you like to see how we do this? You are most welcome in our company.


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The Netherlands