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décembre 7, 2020

Sadly we say goodbye to Ir. Herman Oonk
Website afbeelding Herman 3

The memory of a special person is born...

novembre 10, 2020

Omega's Clamp-on Pillow Plates

One of the specialized applications of the Omega heat exchanger plates is the Omega's Clamp-on Pillow Plates. The Clamp-on plates are used by mounting onto existing applications to provide heating o...

octobre 20, 2020

Omega Pillow Plate Elements for the Biogas Industry

In order to increase the efficiency of the biogas production, the fermentation tanks are heated. The traditional system to heat up the manure is by installing PVC tube and pumping hot liquid/gas thoug...

octobre 12, 2020

Machine à glace Omega avec CO2 (R744)

Over the last few decades, synthetic refrigerants such as CFCs and HCFCs are being phased out by regulation. Increasing concern and regulatory actions related to the environmental impact of hydro flu...

septembre 15, 2020

Zo werkt het! IJskoud water maken
IceBank 2

Voor specifieke processen zoals het wassen van levensmiddelen wordt water gevraagd dat zo ver mogelijk is gekoeld. Gert Wim Kreukniet van Wijbenga legt uit welke technieken hiervoor kunnen worden gebr...

juin 16, 2020

Présentation de notre nouveau DG
Maarten en HJ samen blogfoto

Omega Thermo Products construit pour l'avenir. Depuis la pandémi du virus COVID-19, notre objectif est de continuer à fournir à nos clients les échangeurs d’une façon durable. Désormais que n...

mars 17, 2020

Covid-19 virus mesures
COVID-19  measures

At Omega Thermo Products we take our responsibility to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We follow the guidelines of RIVM, the Dutch Institute for Public Health and the Environment. In additi...

février 17, 2020

ASME Audit
ASME Audit

Safety and quality ASME certification means that our company is committed to public safety and quality.Companies and regulators around the world rely on the ASME certification mark.Through this certi...

octobre 21, 2019

Utilisation des plaques d'oreiller pour la récupération de chaleur

Utilisation des plaques d'oreiller pour la récupération de chaleurAlmost all manufacturing processes require lots of energy, which results in waste heat. One of these processes is in the papermaking...

mai 6, 2019

Nouveaux réservoirs de stockage d'huile et réservoirs de soufre d'animation

Nouveaux réservoirs de stockage d'huile et réservoirs de soufre d'animationInternal heating and coolingOne example of our laser welded plates immersed in a product is that our plates are used in oil...

mars 21, 2019

Nouvelle banque de glace d'animation

Omega Banc de glace Curious about how you can save on energy and maintenance costs? It’s possible with the OMEGA Ice Bank.An ice bank is a group of Pillow Plates hung into a water tank. At night...

mars 21, 2019

Réservoir de plaque d'oreiller d'animation

Réservoir de plaque d'oreiller d'animation How is Pillow Plate mounted on a tank? How do you inflate a Pillow Plate? Questions that we often have to answer.That’s why we made this animation of the...