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Plaques d'oreiller gonflables

avril 4, 2018

Plaques d'oreiller gonflables


If you order Pillow Plates from Omega, you will usually get the flat, not inflated, plates. Inflation can only take place when the plates have been rolled into the correct shape and assembled (for example a vessel). To get a better impression of this inflating process, read the explanation.

STEP 1: Laser welding 
The two sheets are welded together by circular laser welds, and a linear laser weld be utilized around the circumference of the plate. Depending on the application requirements, additional baffle lines can be welded to route the cooling or heating medium and optimize thermal performance.

STEP 2: Forming 
At this stage, the plates are flat and not formed so that they can be easily processed. The laser welded panels can be processed in our workshop, or shipped to the customer for forming into shells, dished heads or conical shaped ends.

STEP 3: Nozzle installation and inflation
Once the plates are formed into the required shape, such as a tank wall, the third stage will be the welding of the connections to the jacket and the inflation of the Pillow Plate. Before laser welding, Omega can pre-cut the required hole size in the top sheet for easy installation of the connections. Once the laser welded sheets have been formed into their final shape, the pre-cut hole will be swaged open and lifted by using the Omega opener (order this tool). After swaging and lifting the top sheet, the connections will be inserted and welded in place (we can supply this connections upon request). 
The connections are attached by TIG welding the legs of the connection to the lower sheet and by welding the upper sheet to the circumference of the connection. After the connections are TIG welded, additional fittings or flanges can be attached to the connections. Once the connections are placed, the Pillow Plates can be inflated, this can be done with water.
At your first order our engineers will guide you through installing and inflating. 

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to request our Manual.