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Customization in Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is one of the most innovative and fast growing industries. 70% of the manufactured products in the chemical industry are processed in other industries worldwide. Increasing purchasing power among consumers, especially in Asia, stimulates the demand for chemicals and products made from chemicals. At the same time, declining oil and gas reserves are creating new raw materials, such as biomass. It is expected that progress in areas such as biotechnology, fuel cells, environmental technology and intelligent materials will take the lead in meeting future global needs.
The biggest challenge for the industry lies in helping the growing world to sustain and improve its standard of living in a sustainable way.


Heat exchangers for safe and efficient chemical processes

Chemical production involves successive complex processes of heating, cooling, condensation and evaporation. In order to carry out these processes correctly and safely, you need a reliable partner in the area of cost-saving and efficient heat exchange. Our years of experience in the area of Pillow Plate technology means that we can think along in all your processes and offer you the best solution in the area of cooling and heating.


The possibilities of Pillow Plates 

Omega Thermo Products knows how specific processes in chemistry are. Standardization is often difficult and therefore customization in the area of heat exchangers is required. Omega Thermo Products likes to think along with you. For example, to heat pipelines or a pressure vessel that is completely covered with Pillow Plates. We have the knowledge and resources to ensure that we offer you the best and most efficient solution.

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We have already been able to carry out many projects in the chemical industry. Examples of this are:

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