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Adjust the temperature with Omega Pillow Plate

In the soft drink industry there is an increasing demand for unsweetened, natural flavours of fruit. Although cola is still the most popular soft drink, consumers are becoming increasingly aware. Choosing to be more mindful is also possible with our sustainable cooling solutions for the soft drinks industry. Our Pillow Plates and cooling devices are involved in many processing steps of the production process. For example in the pasteurization of fruit, syrup and the end product itself and additionally cooling soft drinks. Our coolers contribute to a high quality of your products with a long shelf life.



Sweet, fruity, sour or bitter; the syrup room is the beginning of the production process for all soft drinks. This is where the taste is determined. After inspection, sugars or sweeteners are mixed with other ingredients (fruit juice, aromas extracts and / or additives). The resulting syrup is checked for quality in a laboratory and then pasteurized.
In the computer-controlled mixing installation, water, syrup and in some cases, carbon dioxide are mixed in the correct proportions to create soda. This is again pasteurized and finally brought to the filling machine.
Pasteurization takes place both in syrup boilers and in mixing tanks. By using Omega Pillow Plate tank plates for these tanks, you can adjust the temperature easily and quickly.

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In hot countries, we still see that a lot of soft drinks bottles are cooled in ice-cube containers. These ice cubes are produced by Omega Thermo Products for all major A-brand manufacturers. In contrast to cylinder type ice makers, our ice makers do not need moving parts, less space for the cooling compartment and no wear.
Omega Ice Machines can build up 3 to 10 mm of ice on either side of the Pillow Plate.

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