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Dimple Plates vs Pillow Plates

The term Dimple Plate is also often used for Pillow Plates. Originally, Dimple Plates are preformed sheets that are attached to the final product afterwards, while Pillow Plates are already being processed in the application. The use is largely the same, but in production time and usage possibilities, there are big differences.
Before Pillow Plates were produced with laser welding machines, pre-formed Dimple Plates were an alternative. With the arrival of laser welding machines the advantages and possibilities with Pillow Plates have grown enormously.


Difference in design

Both the pre-formed Dimple Plates and Pillow Plates can both be produced from stainless steel sheets. In the case of pre-formed dimple plates, dimples with a small hole are punched into the plate. After the plate has been rolled into the desired shape, the plate is welded to the end product. For example, existing tanks that have to be converted into a cooling tank.
Pillow Plates, on the other hand, are two plates that are welded together by a laser welding machine. After the plates are rolled in the right shape, the plate is only inflated and the Pillow Plate is evenly attached to the surface.
This offers many advantages over preformed Dimple Plates:

Welding with a machine is faster, so you save time
The laser welding machines are more accurate than manual work.



The biggest difference between preformed Dimple Plate and Pillow Plates is in the application. Preformed Dimple Plates are suitable for small surfaces and mountend to the existing tank. In addition, pre-formed Dimple Plates can handle a maximum pressure of 4/5 bar, while Pillow Plates can be used at much higher pressures.

For segments where high pressure plays a major role, such as in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, Pillow Plates are a good quality solution.

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In countries where labor costs are low, such as in China and other Asian countries, much companies use still preformed Dimple Plates. Omega Thermo Products now supplies Pillow Plates worldwide, even in Australia.

The terms Dimple Plate and Pillow Plate are used interchangeably. Pre-formed Dimple Plates are produced differently and can not handle such high pressure as Pillow Plates. Where Pillow Plates are processed in the application itself, pre-formed Dimple Plates are only processed when the application is ready.
Our engineers are happy to tell you what the possibilities are in the field of Omega Pillow Plates.