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Pillow Plates for your steel wine tank

Omega Thermo Products has years of experience in producing Pillow Plates for your steel wine tanks. We know how much love and dedication is put in the production process of wine. Cooling is an important part of the wine production. By coating wine tanks with Omega Pillow Plates, the wine is soaked, fermented and matured consistently at the right temperature. The wine producer can decide for himself how he wants his wine to be cooled at different stages.


Cold soaking with Pillow Plates

The carefully selected grapes will be saved in a cooled wine vessel to extract pigment and fragment from the peels without the bitter taste of tannins. This process determines for a large part the colour and taste of the wine. Because of the importance of this process, you need a consistent cooling system. By making careful heat calculations, you can exactly determine how you want to cool your wine.


Wine fermentation

During the fermentation process, carbon dioxide released through the mixing of yeast, sugar and ethanol. These substances generate heat that can be regulated with a wine tank covered with Omega Pillow Plates. This way the wine will be fermented at the right temperature.
The aroma is preserved with white wines. In red wines, where the fermentation temperature increases, the deep red colour of the wine is made and the tannin content in the wine is determined.
To keep the high residual sugar level, the wine producer must drop the temperature quickly to stop the fermentation process. Omega Pillow Plates are very suitable to support this fermentation process. The tanks can be equivalent of being cooled and temperatures can be regulated easily.
In the fermentation process, through crystallization, sulphur and lime are released. To prevent the tank wall from calcifying, we can also weld 'bright annealed' sheets. We deliver these sheets foiled, so you can remove it before usage.


Ripening wines

Where once only wooden barrels were used to ripen the wine, there is now a large increase in wine samples from steel wine tanks. Steel tanks are often used for spicy white wines such as Pinot Gris, although many red wines are also matured in steel tanks. 80% of our customers process their red wine in steel wine tanks.
Each surface of the wine tank can be equipped with our Pillow Plates and can be cooled with the cooling medium as desired. The inside of the tank will not be affected by the laser welding. The Pillow Plates may be supplied with foil.

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Guided tours and tastings are organized at many wine producers. To make the wine cellar more attractive, wine producer often choose nice welded, shiny wine tanks. Omega Pillow Plates can be supplied with a shiny and polished finish or even coated in a colour. If requested, we can weld characters in the plates.

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