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Energy-efficient cooling

The growing urbanization and industrialization of developing countries is creating a large and growing demand for factories, residential buildings and shopping malls. These buildings must be provided with air conditioning and chillers. Where you would not think of a liquid-cooled installation, we notice that Omega chillers are increasingly being used for cooling large structures.


Energy efficient solutions

HVACR installations are currently expected to be energy-efficient. Worldwide, governments encourage rules and subsidies to meet industry standards and energy efficient performance. Due to the low volume of our Pillow Plates, little pump power is required to fill the plates with coolant. The spot pattern ensures high turbulence that the plates heat and cool economically. This offers many possibilities for the HVACR industry.
In addition, we have systems that are based on storing cooling capacity at night, for use during the day. You can thus use the lower, nightly rate of electricity.

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From cooling, freezing and cooling in industrial premises, Omega Thermo Products has the best, energy efficient and custom made solutions. For the food industry we offer highly efficient water coolers, such as Falling Film Chillers  and Immersion Chillers to ice producing units such as thermal storage systems and Flake Ice Machines. Applications range from cooling in the dairy processing industry, slaughter houses and fish and meat processing areas, to cold water and ice production for the concrete industry.

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