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Ice Machine for the seafood industry

One of the most important challenges in the seafood industry is the effective control of bacterial activities. A strong weapon against bacteria is cooling and freezing. If the temperature drops below freezing point, the growth of microorganisms decreases rapidly. On the one hand due to the decrease of the temperature, on the other hand because the water activity decreases. In the fish processing industry, regulations have been tightened up, so that bacterial poisoning of fish, shrimps and shellfish is prevented. The fish is handled with care at the fish auction or usually even on board: rinsed, cleaned, sorted and stored in ice.


Caught fish chilled with flake ice

At every fish auction there are large Ice Machines that produce 5 - 10 tons of ice per day. The ice flakes comes in flat pieces from the Ice Machine. The large surfaces of the ice shards make direct contact with the fish for proficient cooling. The absence of sharp points in these ice shards prevent damage to the fish. The ice has a temperature of -7 ° C.
Even on every fishing boat there are one or two ice machines on board that produce flake ice. These are often relatively small machines that can handle capacities of up to 5 tons per 24 hours.

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The Ice Machines from Omega are perfect for seafood industry. The robust design cannot be broken and the cooling plates can easily be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.
The Ice Machines can cool with the refrigerant of your choice to the desired temperatures. We build our Ice Machines custom-made so tailored to your sizes and wishes.

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